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Jerseys famous sites 25jerseys exposed concrete style Christmas edition of the teams jersey.

The Master Paul Lukas said it is not known what will be next season, several teams to participate in the Christmas wars, these shirts do not all appear on the pitch. These designs are completed in a few months ago, an official of each team designed a Christmas uniforms.

A total of 26 teams figure above uniforms, four team uniforms were unexposed Bucks 76, Raptors and Atlanta. Lukas Bucks and 76 represent the new season will be replaced with new uniforms, he promised that the two teams are not exposed to their jerseys. For the Raptors, he did not make such a promise, but he chose not to because of the exposure would like to keep a little mystery.

Finally, the Hawks NBA Fan Shop, Lukas said they will have a new regular season jersey, but he has not seen any details. Finally, he gives his own guess Eagles uniforms Christmas Day.


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